On-demand webinar:
2020 sales tax changes: Midyear update

The impact of COVID-19 on tax policy and what to expect for the remainder of the year

At the beginning of 2020, no one could have predicted that we’d be in a worldwide pandemic just a few months later. Now halfway through the year, COVID-19 has affected everything from buying habits to business operations, and even tax policies.

Learn more about what’s changed in the world of sales tax in the first half of 2020 and what to expect for the rest of the year in our on-demand webinar. Our VP of U.S. Tax Policy, Scott Peterson, sheds light on the current state of sales tax obligations, the changes you can expect to see over the next six months, and how it all impacts your business.

You’ll learn:

  • The COVID-19 tax relief efforts that are still available to businesses
  • How future tax policy may change as states look to recoup revenue lost from the pandemic
  • The latest on economic nexus laws and marketplace facilitator laws

For anyone that deals with sales and use tax, this may be the most important webinar you'll attend this year. View the on-demand webinar now.


Webinar details

When: On demand

Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: Nothing

About the speaker

Scott Peterson, Vice President of U.S. Tax Policy and Government Relations, Avalara

Scott Peterson was the first executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. For seven years, Scott acted as the chief operating officer of an organization devoted to making sales tax simpler and more uniform for the benefit of business. Scott also spent 10 years as the Director of the South Dakota Sales Tax Division and 12 years providing research and legal writing for the South Dakota Legislature. He's now Avalara's go-to resource for all things related to tax policy.