2022 global compliance trends for the cross-border seller

The latest changes in e-invoicing and VAT obligations you need to know

With just the click of a button, even the smallest business can sell internationally. Yet the world of cross-border sales is filled with complex regulations and compliance rules that are constantly in flux. From expanding digital invoicing mandates to increasing VAT requirements for certain sellers, keeping up with these trends and their impact is crucial to your compliance.

Join an indirect tax expert from Avalara and a guest speaker from IDC as they discuss recent shifts in global compliance that every cross-border seller needs to know. Guest speaker and IDC Research Director Kevin Permenter joins Avalara Senior Director of Indirect Tax Alex Baulf to discuss how the growth of the digital economy has spurred new global tax regulations and the impact of these regulations to U.S. businesses that sell internationally.

We’ll discuss:   

  • The shift to digital VAT compliance and best practices to handle real-time reporting
  • The likelihood of the United States adopting e-invoicing and how businesses should prepare
  • New VAT rules on nonresident digital services and low value imported goods
  • How tax authorities are using technology and artificial intelligence to analyze data and impose new regulations
  • The rise of the global digital tax solution

If you sell internationally, this is your chance to hear experts reveal their top takeaways when it comes to global compliance in 2022.