Alcohol marketplaces and delivery apps: Current regulatory issues


60 minutes


Alcohol marketplaces and delivery apps grew substantially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and they’re here to stay. These businesses, which are also sometimes called third-party providers (TPPs), hold a unique place in the beverage alcohol regulatory ecosystem. In this session, a panel of industry experts will explore some of the current issues around the country related to marketplaces and delivery apps.


  • Review compliance issues for alcohol marketplaces, including the impact of the U.S. Supreme Court’s South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. decision
  • Discuss the Texas Alcohol Beverage Control draft advisory on ecommerce advertising and sales platforms
  • Debate the usage of terms sometimes associated with these businesses such as fourth tier, three-tier compliant, and TPP

About the speaker

Jeff Carroll

General Manager, Avalara for Beverage Alcohol  

Jeff Carroll is the general manager of Avalara for Beverage Alcohol. He’s responsible for leading the overall strategy and growth for the business unit, ensuring continued client compliance and satisfaction, as well as guiding a large, cross-functional team. Jeff’s experience includes more than 14 years of senior leadership in beverage alcohol and sales tax compliance SaaS solutions. He’s designed and brought to market well-known products and tools for both industry members and state agencies. Jeff joined Compli in 2017 and was subsequently promoted to chief product officer, responsible for product development, sales and marketing, business development, and content prior to the Avalara acquisition in 2019. He also regularly shares his expertise by speaking at industry events and publishing content on regulatory compliance and tax issues.

Kimberly Frost

Partner, Martin Frost & Hill  

Kimberly Frost is partner at Martin Frost & Hill in Austin, Texas. She represents wineries, distilleries, breweries, importers, retailers, and those that serve the beverage alcohol industry all over the country. Kimberly specializes on federal and state permitting, compliance, labeling, and legislative matters.

Anne M. Junia

Partner, Powell Junia P.C.  

Anne M. Junia is a founding partner of Powell Junia P.C. in Chicago, Illinois. She specializes in litigation, legislative matters and regulatory compliance within the alcohol beverage and hospitality industry. Anne frequently represents clients before state and local commissions and regulatory agencies. She also works closely with ecommerce and technology-based companies with a particular focus on emerging industry practices. She advises on options for compliance strategy and success and has testified before state legislative committees in support of third-party alcohol delivery bills. Anne earned her B.A. in Economics from University of California at San Diego in June 2000, and her J.D. from John Marshall Law School in June 2007.

Jacqueline Flug

General Counsel & Senior Vice President, Drizly  

Jacqueline P. Flug serves as General Counsel at Drizly, the country’s leading ecommerce platform for on demand alcohol delivery. Prior to joining Drizly in 2019, Ms. Flug served as General Counsel and Vice President of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation from 2016-2019 and as General Counsel to the New York State Liquor Authority from 2012- 2016. Ms. Flug served in the Office of the Mayor as the Administrator for the Assigned Counsel Plan for the Appellate Division First Department, a program that provides private counsel for indigent criminal defendants, from 2008-2012. Ms. Flug began her legal career in 2001 as an Assistant District Attorney in Bronx County, where she prosecuted violent felonies and vehicular homicides.