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The top 5 challenges of managing consumer use tax

How to overcome the complexities of use tax with an audit-ready strategy

If your business isn’t required to pay sales tax on a purchase, did you know you may be required to pay consumer use tax? Consumer use tax is the lesser-known equivalent of sales tax, owed when sales tax isn’t collected on a purchase, or when the use of the product/service (or the location of consumption) results in more tax being owed.

Mismanagement of consumer use tax is a common compliance error found by state auditors. Don’t leave your business open to that risk. Join our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, August 18, where we’ll explore the most common use tax challenges that companies face when improving and automating the management of tax liability on company spend. We’ll explore what to consider when designing a system that fits your business and dig into some of the specific pain points many companies experience as they get a grip on managing consumer use tax. 

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 most common challenges of managing consumer use tax, and tips to overcome them
  • How to design a use tax management system that suits your business best and is audit-ready
  • The impact of economic nexus laws on real-time invoice taxation
  • Answers to your own questions.

If your business has to manage consumer use tax, you know how difficult it can be. Don’t miss this webinar to improve your use tax strategy and reduce risk. Even if you can’t attend the live session, register anyway and we’ll send to the on-demand link so you can listen any time. 


Webinar details

When: On-demand

Duration: 75 minutes, including live Q&A

Cost: Nothing

About the speaker

Will Rau, Product Management Senior Director, Avalara

As Avalara’s champion for all things Consumer Use Tax, Will Rau has been ilnstrumental in the launch of services to simplify and automate liability self-assessment and reporting. In his five years with Avalara, he's significantly advanced our connector capabilities, overseen the introduction of India GST to Avalara’s portfolio of solutions, and is currently guiding, shaping, and expanding all of Avalara’s Consumer Use Tax efforts. William currently lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his family.