1 hour

What it’s taken to win in 2020: A CIO’s perspective with John Lietsch of Monat Global

In the next iteration of our webinar series for direct selling executive leaders, our panelists sit down with John Lietsch of Monat Global. This year has been a roller coaster for the direct selling industry with so many ups and downs. Listen in as we dive into what it takes for a leading direct seller to overcome and thrive in 2020. Some of the topics we’ll address:

  • Merging technology with expertise
  • Operationalizing teams for success
  • Adding new technologies to work flows
  • Driving demand in the current climate
  • Adjusting to industry changes in 2020
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John Lietsch

SVP and Chief Information Officer at Monat Global

Brian Brown

Strategic Partner Manager at Avalara

Colt Passey

SVP of Business Development at Nexio

Ben Bingham

Director of Global Sales at Hyperwallet

Jared Van Orden

FX Consultant at GPS Capital Markets