See how marketplaces and their sellers are winning the customer experience

PSFK and Avalara bring you a report on how technology and digital-first strategies are creating the next generation of marketplace shopping

“Effective marketplace strategies should include everything from searchability to page optimization to payments. For marketplaces, providing third-party sellers with access to technology integrations to improve each stage of the customer journey is key.”

—Meg Higgins, VP/GM, Ecommerce and Marketplaces, Avalara

    Navigating the marketplace landscape

    To serve omnichannel consumers, every step in their purchase journey from search and product engagement to payment and delivery must be seamless and intuitive. 

    The Marketplace Playbook from PSFK and Avalara describes key trends and technologies sellers are using to drive success in their marketplace selling strategies.

    Six strategies for marketplace success

    Get leading marketplace selling strategies:

    • Key findings on ecommerce and digital-first consumers
    • What the shifting omnichannel landscape means for sellers
    • How marketplaces function as part of a strategy for 2021 and beyond
    • Breakdown of the six strategies to help optimize the use of marketplaces
    • Action plans for a next-generation marketplace experience


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    About this report

    The Marketplace Playbook presents the key strategies and technologies across the marketplace landscape that marketplaces and their sellers should embrace to serve customers and stand out among the competition. Insights learned can help omnichannel sellers understand the changing expectations of today’s consumers, explore leading marketplace innovations, and prioritize their technology investments.