Retailers and Tax Exempt Sales

How to Collect Tax Exemption Certificates at the POS

A Solutions Guide for Retailers

Managing sales tax compliance can be a major headache for retailers. This is especially true if you sell into multiple jurisdictions with different—even contradictory—requirements. How can you possibly keep all your stores updated on the latest laws and forms?

If you require them at the point of sale, won’t it hold up the checkout lines and cause even more frustration? And what happens when someone goes to buy products on your eCommerce website but can’t find a way to claim a tax exemption?

It’s a taxing situation. Download the guide and make the best of it.

In our five-page guide, you’ll learn:

  • When (and when not) to tax
  • How to keep track of exemptions
  • The five pillars of effective exemption certificate management
  • How to automate the entire process and keep your customers happy

Download our free guide to capturing tax exemption forms at each point of sale, and we’ll show you how to maintain a steady flow of certificates and purchases.

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