Avalara Developer Community Code of Conduct

Welcome to the Avalara Developer Community

Avalara created this forum to be a space where members can support and engage with each other and with members of Avalara’s staff for questions, feedback, and ideas on Avalara products. Our goal is to build a friendly and welcoming community where people from across the globe feel comfortable participating in this collaboration. This Code of Conduct is a guide for interactions on this forum and details behavior that Avalara will not tolerate.

Standards of Conduct

Be Curious, Not Judgmental

Members of our community come from all levels of skills, experiences, and backgrounds. Remember to ask questions, listen respectfully, and not make assumptions.

Be Truthful

Sharing information and being forthright leads to better engagement, clearer communication, and more actionable changes. Do not purposefully mislead other members.

Be Constructive

The Developer Community is a place to share ideas, advice, and examples. Our collective goal is to make integration with the Avalara ecosystem easy and accessible for developers of all levels of skill and experience, so be constructive in your feedback.

Be Organized

Discussions will cover multiple topics. Make the best effort to appropriately tag and categorize posts and shared information.

Misconduct and Prohibited Content

Threats of Violence

Violence has no place in the Developer Community. You must never threaten violence towards others nor use the community to organize or incite violence of any kind. Even text or images written as a joke may be misinterpreted. If we believe there is a genuine risk of physical harm or a threat to public safety, Avalara will report the matter to local authorities. 

Hate Speech and Discrimination

The Developer Community is built on a foundation of honesty, curiosity, and non-judgment. Avalara does not tolerate actions (including communications) that attack a person or group of people based on race, sex, gender identity, nationality, ability, ethnicity, body size, religion, sexual orientation, age, or any other characteristics of the individual or group’s identity.  This includes off-color or insensitive jokes. We believe that all people should feel welcome, and we expect our community members to be respectful when discussing sensitive topics.


Avalara does not tolerate bullying or harassment. Examples of bullying or harassment include unwelcome conduct, badgering, or intimidation targeted at a person or group of people.  


Do not  impersonate nor attempt to impersonate anyone. Copying a profile image, intentionally using a deceptively similar username, or taking other actions that would mislead others to believe you are another individual is not permitted.

Invasion of Privacy (Doxxing)

Do not post private contact details of individuals, including email addresses, phone numbers, or passwords. Public contact details that the individual has voluntarily shared on the community are permissible.

Sexual Content

Do not post pornography or sexual content. Sexuality is a part of life but posting sexual content does not add value to the community. 


The Developer Community is a place to share ideas, discuss projects, and learn from each other. Do not link to spam or post repeated or unwanted content.


The Developer Community will comprise many professionals who may offer related services through their companies. However, the community is not an advertising platform. A relevant reference to your services and experience is acceptable, but the community is not a channel for you to market your offerings or solicit business. Avalara reserves the right to remove posts that are deemed as self-promotional or as solicitations.

Malware or Exploits

Avalara takes security seriously. Do not post malware or exploits. Being a part of the Developer Community means helping keep the other members safe.

Copyrighted or Protected Content

Only post content that you have a right to post. Sharing code and snippets is a regular part of engaging in a developer community, but that means that we all have an obligation to be respectful of each other’s intellectual property.

Other Inappropriate Conduct

The Developer Community is a professional space and should be treated that way. If Avalara believes that posted content is not appropriate for a professional setting, we will remove it.


If you see problematic content, report it! All authenticated users can flag a post for review.

Avalara will assess each situation on a case-by-case basis against this Code of Conduct. Actions we may take include:

  • Removing content
  • Blocking content
  • Developer Community account suspension
  • Developer Community account termination

This is not an exhaustive list.  Depending on the situation, we may take other actions in the interests of the Developer Community or Avalara.

Contacting Avalara Staff

If you need to contact Avalara staff for any reason, here are some options:

For all other support needs:  https://www.avalara.com/us/en/about/support.html.

Legal Notices

This Code of Conduct is a guide to promote positive interactions. It does not modify any rights or obligations specified in the Site Terms or Privacy Policy. To use the Avalara Developer Community, you must agree to the Site Terms and the Privacy Policy. Please direct all legal questions to legal@avalara.com. If you have questions about this community, contact developercommunity@avalara.com.