Avalara Returns for Small Business Supplemental Terms

Last updated May 13, 2020

These Avalara Returns for Small Business Supplemental Terms (these “RSB Terms”) govern Customer’s purchase and use of Avalara Returns for Small Business. These RSB Terms are in addition to, and incorporate by reference, the Avalara Service Terms and Conditions located at https://www.avalara.com/terms (the “Terms”). Any capitalized terms used in these RSB Terms and not defined have the meanings given in the Terms.

1. Definitions.

Return means a tax return or other filing prepared with the assistance of Avalara Returns for Small Business.

Returns Settings” means the settings in Avalara RSB that reflect Customer’s filing jurisdictions, filing frequency, and other Return-related settings.

Transaction” means a record that Customer inputs directly or imports into Avalara RSB to generate a Return. Transactions include, for example, sales invoices, purchase invoices, inventory transfer invoices, return invoices, and committed ecommerce shopping carts.

Tax Professional means a tax preparer Customer who is authorized by a client to prepare returns on its client’s behalf for a fee.

2. Customer Obligations. Customer shall: (i) carefully review the Returns Settings and ensure the Returns Settings are up to date and accurate at all times; (ii) ensure the accuracy and completeness of all Transactions, Returns Settings, Customer Data, and of all Returns prior to filing (collectively, “Tax Data”); and (iii) if Avalara files Returns for Customer, provide accurate and current tax registration numbers and log-in information for each entity in each filing jurisdiction to ensure Avalara can at all times identify and access Customer’s account in that filing jurisdiction (“Account Information”). Customer shall not import more than 250,000 Transactions into Avalara RSB per Subscription Term. Avalara will not review or audit the accuracy or completeness of Tax Data. Avalara is not responsible for any charges, interest, or penalties incurred as a result of incorrect Account configuration, Tax Data, or Account Information.  It is solely Customer’s obligation to ensure that the Service is properly configured at all times for Customer’s specific circumstances. Customer is solely responsible for paying any taxes owed to the applicable filing jurisdiction.

3. Tax Professionals. Tax Professionals may use Avalara RSB to prepare and file Returns for their clients as part of the Tax Professional’s internal business operations.

4. Extractors. For Customers who purchase Extractors, fees for each Extractor are based on the number of Extractor Transactions purchased for use in the Extractor by Customer. “Extractor” means the Service for exporting transaction information from Customer’s ecommerce, billing, enterprise resource planning, or similar system or service and transmitting the transaction information to Avalara. An “Extractor Transaction” is any record that is entered, uploaded, or otherwise recorded in Avalara RSB by Customer using an Extractor. Records include, for example, committed sales invoices, purchase invoices, inventory transfer invoices, return invoices, and committed ecommerce shopping carts. Each such record will count as one Extractor Transaction for purposes of calculating usage of the Extractor, as will each subsequent alteration of the record. If Customer exceeds the number of Extractor Transactions set forth in its Order Document, Customer will be automatically upgraded to the next highest subscription tier for Extractors.

5. Fees. Customer shall pay all fees specified in the Order Document. Fees for use of Avalara RSB consist of two elements: the annual subscription fee (“Subscription Fee”) and fees for filing Returns (“Filing Fees”).  Customer may file Returns through Avalara RSB and Avalara will charge Customer the Filing Fee for each Return. Avalara shall charge Customer’s payment method on file for the Returns filed through Avalara RSB in each month as incurred. Filing Fees are provided on the Order Document or renewal notice.