Bigcommerce Offer Details

Offer Details

Eligibility requirements for Avalara for Bigcommerce Trial, Basic, Standard & Plus Plans

Plans are available to new Avalara customers only and must be purchased online at

Plans may not be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotions or discounts.

AvaTax for Bigcommerce

The Trial, Basic, Standard & Plus plans include Avalara AvaTax (

Avalara AvaTax plans are based on the number of “Transactions” you submit to the AvaTax service each year as defined in Avalara’s term of service (  For estimation purposes, Transaction usage for Bigcommerce users is usually close to the number of completed sales orders taken by the merchant through the Bigcommerce eStore each year.

Avalara will charge an Overage Fee of $0.20 per Transaction for Transactions in excess of your annual plan.  You may upgrade your plan at any time to avoid Overage Fees by contacting Avalara at 206-641-2400.

Avalara Returns for Bigcommerce

The Trial, Basic, Standard & Plus plans include the Avalara Returns sales tax return filing and remittance service (  Avalara Returns fees are charged to your credit card monthly after Returns are filed.  You are not obligated to use Avalara Returns and you will not incur any Avalara Returns fees if you do not use the service.  Additional fees may apply for special services (e.g., backfiling, extended account approval deadlines) if you request them.  Avalara Returns fees are non-refundable.   Contact Avalara Support at 877-780-4848 to activate your Avalara Returns service.

Technical Support

Trial, Basic, Standard & Plus plans include Avalara Standard Support ( and unlimited access to the Avalara Help Center ( 

Contract Term, Renewal & Cancellation

Basic, Standard & Plus plans are annual contracts paid in 12 equal monthly installments.  Plans automatically renew at expiration unless cancelled prior to the renewal date.  Cancellation requests must be submitted via email to   If Avalara receives your cancellation notice within 60 days of order date, we will terminate your annual contract and refund any monthly subscription fees paid.  If Avalara receives your cancellation notice more than 60 days after your order date, we will cancel your annual renewal but you will be responsible for the remaining payments due on your annual contract.  You may stop your Avalara Returns filing service at any time by sending a notice to   Avalara Returns fees are non-refundable once service has been rendered.

More Questions?  Contact Us!

Contact Avalara at 206-641-2400 for information regarding other Avalara plans, products and promotions; to upgrade your Avalara plan; or to add other Avalara products or services to your account.