CertCapture for eCommerce

Enable your customers to submit exemption certificates in online checkouts

CertCapture for eCommerce is an automated exemption certificate management solution designed specifically for integration with online shopping carts. This cloud-based platform empowers eCommerce companies to gain an edge over the competition by collecting and validating exemption certificates from shoppers during checkout in a timely, efficient manner. CertCapture for eCommerce helps you achieve compliance, reduce shopping cart abandonment and minimize audit exposure from tax-exempt Internet sales.

Technical Challenge

Incorporating tax exempt sales functionality into eCommerce systems is challenging. Online shoppers expect quick and easy checkout experiences, but don’t often have this experience when making purchases for tax-exempt organizations and purposes. Because eCommerce platforms aren’t designed to allow customers to create and update exemption certificates on demand, IT teams are burdened with the costly and time-consuming process of coding and developing homegrown systems.

Business Challenge 

If you give customers the option to submit exemption certificates in store and make tax exempt purchases, it is important to provide the same experience online. If customers are unable to have the same experience when they attempt to make purchases online, they are likely to go to another eCommerce site where tax-exempt purchases can be completed. A disconnect between disparate in-store and online shopping options equates to a poor customer experience and can negatively impact customer loyalty.

Customers should have the same experience regardless of where they shop with you.

The Solution

Avalara CertCapture for eCommerce integrates with your existing digital storefront and order management software to collect, validate and store sales tax exemption certificates. You can select where to add this functionality and make it available to customers: during the online checkout process, within online customer accounts or both.

CertCapture for eCommerce enables you to proactively track expiration dates and missing certificates while providing secure online storage and a searchable database that can be used to create on-demand exemption certificate reports.


  • Integrate directly with online shopping carts
  • Proactively manage missing, invalid and expired certificates
  • Sync with existing eCommerce, tax and order management systems
  • Lower IT costs by eliminating the need to develop proprietary solutions
  • Quickly retrieve reports and certificates to ace an audit
  • Remain current with state-by-state tax exemption regulations

Integrate with tools you already use

Hundreds of third-party integrations allow you to incorporate exemption certificate management right into your current workflows. From ERPs to accounting software to in-house solutions, Avalara CertCapture for eCommerce makes it easy to capture exemption certificates and run reports at any time, from anywhere.

Priced to scale

Avalara CertCapture for eCommerce scales with you as your business grows. You’ll only be charged for the number of exemption certificates stored.

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