CertCapture for Retail

CertCapture for Retail enables you to solicit, collect and validates sales tax exemption certificates at the point of sale (POS). No more checkout line disasters. No more administrative nightmares. And no more scrambling when the auditor comes knocking. It’s never been easier to comply with state sales tax laws and reduce audit risk.

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Collect and validate sales tax exemption certificates at the POS

CertCapture for Retail is a cloud-based, automated solution designed specifically for retailers. It enables your salespeople to easily look up a customer’s exemption status and digitally create a new certificate in minutes. All required information is captured before the sale is made, stored securely and available on-demand at any time helping to minimize your exposure in an audit.

With our new CertCapture Mobile Scan App, it’s easier than ever to collect certificates at any location with a smartphone or tablet.

The challenge

Validating a customer’s exemption status during checkout has the potential to cause delays and require many employees to get involved. If you are not able to handle the tax exempt sale, time is lost, costs increase and customer satisfaction goes down. If you do not enable buyers to make tax-exempt purchases in store, it is likely they will go to another retailer that does. And, if you are able to collect the certificate, it is imperative for it to be integrated with other essential systems for filing and reporting later.

Improve customer experience

CertCapture for Retail removes these challenges. This cloud-based, automated solution makes it easy to verify, collect and store sales tax exemption certificates at the POS—on a mobile device, system register or tablet. CertCapture for Retail can play a critical role in determining whether your customers qualify for exemption at checkout, in turn helping you avoid delays and ensure a positive customer experience. It tracks expiration dates and missing certificates while providing safe, secure online storage.

How it works


The process begins by integrating CertCapture for Retail with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system and order management software. Once connected, CertCapture for Retail becomes a core component of your in-store checkout processes.


When a customer claims tax exemption during checkout, your sales associate checks his or her exemption status in CertCapture for Retail. If it’s a new customer (or a customer whose exemption certificate has expired), your staff will be prompted to fill out the certificate before the sales is made. Once the certificate is completed, the data is automatically stored securely and available on-demand at any time.


Tax managers can easily run reports in real time to monitor expiring certificates and identify missing information. Role-based access control enables people to have access to only the information they need.

Integrate with tools you already use

Hundreds of third-party integrations allow you to incorporate exemption certificate management right into your current workflows so you can collect, create and validate at any point of sale including checkout registers, tablets and mobile phones. From CRMs and ERPs to order management software and in-house solutions, Avalara CertCapture for Retail makes it easy to capture exemption certificates and run reports at any time, from anywhere.

Priced to scale

Avalara CertCapture for Retail scales with you as your business grows. You’ll only be charged by the number of exemption certificates stored. The intuitive, simple-to-use interface can be easily rolled out to stores and employees with minimal training required.

Conveniently mobile

The CertCapture Mobile Scan App allows retailers to conveniently take a photo of the exemption certificate on your smartphone or tablet.

Employees ask a few easy questions about where the exemption is valid, the reason for the exemption and for a contact email to use for any communication about the exemption. Then, they simply take a picture of the certificate, review it and hit submit.  All information is encrypted and securely sent to CertCapture for management and reporting. It’s that easy.

You can even see other certificates submitted that same day to help you keep track of what has already been handled, which will all be auto deleted after 24 hours for additional security.

No matter where the sale takes place, the certificate can be captured quickly and easily on the devices customers are most accustomed to using every day.

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