When American companies start selling overseas, their compliance picture gets more complex. That’s why Avalara’s compliance solutions don’t stop at the border. The Avalara suite of VAT products, including AvaTax for VAT, makes calculating and understanding VAT easier than ever.

Value-added tax, or VAT, is the primary consumption tax charged in non-U.S. countries. Added at every stage of a transaction and requiring multiple levels of refunds, VAT can be difficult to understand for anyone who is used to paying sales tax only at the end user level.

Unlike sales tax, VAT typically has a single rate in each country that charges it. However, sellers must determine issues like the number of VAT payments required in the transaction, which country receives the VAT, and whether the buyer or seller pays VAT. The complexity of these determinations can make many companies reluctant to sell across international borders.

AvaTax for VAT works with your existing ERP and accounting software to make VAT treatment determinations quickly and accurately for 193 countries. Working with a database including rules and exceptions, AvaTax for VAT knows the rate and the proper way to charge VAT for all theoretical transactions in the countries it covers.

With updates handled in the cloud, AvaTax for VAT ensures that your business will always have access to the newest and most accurate information on VAT taxability and tax treatment.

No matter where your business’s expansion takes you, Avalara is here to make compliance easier. With scalable pricing that takes your business’s needs into account, there has never been a better time to automate international compliance affordably.


Increased Efficiency
Specialized outsourced VAT and GST compliance
Expert Advice
Access to local VAT experts
Speedy VAT registrations and filings including Intrastat and EC Sales Lists
Fiscal representation and access to special VAT import deferment schemes
Audit Protection
Assistance with local tax authorities, including managing any audits