Compliance for insurance taxes

Avalara can help your company save time, increase efficiency, and stay compliant as you grow.

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Avalara helps insurers solve compliance challenges

There are hundreds of tax types in the insurance industry. Your company may be subject to premium taxes and additional assessments as well.
Researching all the rules is time-consuming and understanding how to apply them requires expertise.

Avalara offers comprehensive research from insurance tax experts. What you’re looking for can be quickly found and easily referenced, providing clarity and saving time.

Tax rates and rules vary by country and state, and authorities differ on how insurance companies or brokers must register.
With so many regulations to keep up with, human error is common.

Avalara provides updated rates and rules from around the world, supported by insurance experts.
Automated updates to forms also means you have fewer manual tasks to contend with.

If you’re using a combination of new and legacy systems, managing compliance can be risky and problematic for IT. It’s also unlikely to survive future developments in tech requirements or tax legislation.

Avalara solutions integrate into hundreds of systems, eliminating the need for major overhauls and ongoing maintenance.
Increased compliance can be achieved today and maintained in the future.

Entering new markets or launching new products creates additional compliance liabilities. Inefficient management can mean diverting staff from revenue-generating roles, slowing business growth and cash flow.

Avalara solutions allow you to offload manual and time-consuming compliance tasks so your teams can focus on new business.
Avalara offerings are scalable so you can meet new demands without the need for constant upgrades.

Tax compliance products for insurance

Avalara Tax Research for Insurance

Use intuitive research tools and get direct access to researchers to help with tax decisions

Get comprehensive, plain-language tax research relevant to your business

Access a library of the latest rates and rules from around the world, with explanations for complex tax legislation presented by insurance coverage, category, and geography

Find insurance premium tax information, regulatory information, exceptions, reporting and filing requirements, and more

Quickly determine if the insurer, customer, or broker is liable for tax

Avalara AvaTax for Insurance

Calculate tax rates and check rules from around the world

Integrate with systems you already use

Use a single portal for all systems of tax liability, increasing consistency and accuracy of tax rates

Improve efficiency with the help of automation for compliance tasks

Work with data that’s regularly updated via advanced tracking tools and verified by our content experts

Avalara Managed Returns

Let us prepare and file returns on your behalf

Simplify the returns process

Monitor your compliance process with a workflow tailored to your business

Make it easier for your team to process and track returns with Excel integration

Verify insurance tax returns have been received by tax authorities

Get quick responses to tax notices with information stored in the cloud

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