Hotel tax compliance made easy.

The most accurate and efficient way to deal with hotel occupancy tax compliance.

Occupancy Tax Solutions for the Hotel Industry

The travel industry is dynamic with transactions increasingly completed online and any room booking requires hotel or lodging taxes.  Whether you operate hotels & motels, online booking services, resorts, vacation rentals, Airbnb’s, timeshares or any other type of accommodations, calculating and remitting the correct hotel taxes is a critical part of the process.

Dealing with hotel and occupancy tax is particularly painful and risky because tax rates are high, representing a significant component of each booking. Lodging taxes generally include sales tax plus additional hotel or occupancy taxes, very often administered by city and county agencies.  The highly localized nature of hotel taxes means you are often dealing with a complex web of thousands of city & county tax agencies, with difficult to obtain information and offline processes.

Avalara’s lodging tax solution is the most accurate and efficient way to deal with hotel occupancy tax compliance, automate it!  Avalara provides comprehensive hotel tax solutions tailored to your needs.

Who uses our solutions?

  • Hotels & motels
  • Online travels agencies and booking platforms
  • Property owners

Accurate tax rates for any U.S. location

Outsource returns for any location

Outsource registration and licenses

100% end-to-end lodging tax compliance

Hotel Lodging Tax Features

Returns Automation

Our automated returns solution will prepare, file and remit any lodging tax return in the U.S. This includes any sales & lodging return required to remit the full liability on any tax anywhere.

Accurate Tax Rates

Accurate lodging tax rates for any location in the U.S. We provide the total tax rate plus all of the details you need to correctly calculate lodging taxes.


Simplify your hotel tax compliance processes, save time and reduce costs. We handle the taxes, you handle your business.