Nexus analysis study

The South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. ruling has many sellers wondering whether they need to collect sales tax in more states. Avalara can help.

The backbone of your compliance

You can’t even begin to get sales tax right if you have nexus wrong. Look to us to help you identify where you need to comply with transaction tax laws (i.e., where you have nexus) and, just as important, where you don’t.

How big is your nexus footprint?

Let’s find out. Once we complete our state-by-state analysis of your business activities, you’ll be able to determine where to register for a sales and use tax license or permit. Once registered, it’s your responsibility to collect tax and file returns according to individual state laws.

You’d be surprised

Having an in-state physical location creates nexus — an office, store, warehouse, etc. But so can a host of other activities, depending on state laws, including loaning demo property to customers, hiring independent sales reps, and placing cookies on prospects’ computers. The bottom line is, it’s complicated. Let us help you sort it all out.

Different state, different nexus

What triggers nexus in one state doesn’t necessarily trigger nexus in another state. We understand the nuances, and we’ll make it clear for you.

A clear path forward

So you find out you have nexus. What then? Don’t worry, you’ll walk away with a solid understanding of what you need to do next to move toward compliance.

Features and benefits

Customized nexus report

We’ll compare your specific business activities to the current nexus rules and policies of each state to identify where your company has created nexus.

Next steps

Quickly get on the road to compliance with state-specific options for how to begin managing tax liabilities in accordance with applicable laws.

The big picture

Build your understanding of nexus with a look at how the rules have evolved over the past several years and a review of current developments, such as click-through and economic nexus.

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