Sales tax is always changing. Make sure you stay compliant.

Our cloud-based technology is a powerful tool for managing the evolving landscape of sales tax compliance

The intuitive AvaTax UI gives you quick access to the information you need.

Sales tax is always changing.
Make sure you stay compliant.

Our cloud-based technology is a powerful tool for managing the evolving landscape of sales tax compliance

Sales and use tax rates are varied and complex across counties, states, and countries. And because the burden of remaining compliant is on the business, there’s a big financial risk to getting it wrong.

There’s an easier way to stay compliant

Avalara AvaTax is a user-friendly, cloud-based Saas system that automates sales and use tax processes.

Even when manual tax processes are manageable, keeping up with the changes can be impossible — there’s always the possibility of legislative regulations, new tax rules, and shifts in product taxability.

Rather than spending time ensuring your rates, product taxability, and collection requirements haven’t changed, let our cloud-based SaaS system evaluate each transaction based on the latest laws and rules, without additional effort from your IT or finance teams.

Apply tax rates with confidence

Companies large and small can take advantage of automating sales and use tax calculation.

Keep your customers informed with the latest rates in real time, at the point of sale. AvaTax assesses rates based on geolocation, not ZIP code, so your customers are charged the right rates for their purchases. It even factors in special circumstances, such as sales tax holidays, product-specific tax rates, shipping and handling rules, and more.

Its robust performance means you get reliable rates quickly, even during high sales periods, like Cyber Monday, when our system has handled 185 percent more than the average daily number of tax engine calls.

Register where you need to collect

See at a glance where you’ve triggered tax obligations and how close you are to reaching new thresholds.

Growing your business is great for your bottom line, but it can have serious effects on your sales and use tax obligations. Expanding into new markets or reaching sales or transaction thresholds can trigger nexus, an obligation to collect, in new jurisdictions.

AvaTax actively monitors your business activities and alerts you when you’re about to establish tax obligations in new places, based on their individual nexus laws. And with Avalara Licensing, you can even automate the registration process, so applying for a sales permit in multiple locations is as easy as filling out a form and clicking a few buttons.

Get the info you need, when you need it

On-demand access to the reports you need streamlines returns filing and audits.

In addition to making daily transaction processes simpler, on-demand reporting allows you to export all the relevant data you need to satisfy an auditor or prepare returns for each jurisdiction.

If you want to automate the returns process even more, Avalara Returns handles everything from creating returns to remitting payments.


25 states offset the cost of using AvaTax

SST states will pay for your tax calculations, returns preparation, and filing fees when you partner with Avalara.

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With over 700 pre built integrations and a robust API, AvaTax works with multiple systems across departments so you get consistent, up-to-date information for all your teams.

Cloud-based service
Cloud-based service

Apply the most current tax rates and rules through automatic updates, deployed quickly without diverting effort from IT or requiring technical know-how from your finance team.

Create profiles for multiple businesses
Create profiles for multiple businesses

If you’re running multiple businesses, you can manage sales and use tax for all of them from the same instance of AvaTax.

One solution fits all sizes

Whether you’re part of a large enterprise or running your own side business, we have solutions for you. AvaTax is trusted by major players in all kinds of industries.

Chances are, you didn’t start your business with the hope of managing the sales and use tax landscape. Automating tax compliance can let you focus on growing your business, and is probably more affordable than you think.

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with marketplace platforms and business software
  • Plans start at $50
Case study: Inovonics


If your business is getting too big or your team is feeling stretched thin, automating sales and use tax calculation is a great way to lighten workloads without risking compliance.

  • Over 700 pre-built integrations

  • Calculates taxes throughout the United States and in Canada

  • Scales with your business

Hundreds of products, thousands of jurisdictions, lots of tax headaches. Keep your finance team focused on generating revenue, not wading through tax law.

  • Integrates with accounting, CRM, POS, and shopping cart systems, for consistent information across the board

  • Cloud-based SaaS complements digital transformation business strategies

  • Additional services support all points of tax compliance, international tax processes, and niche industry taxation


Works with

Avalara Licensing

Ready to start collecting in new states? Avalara makes registering a snap.


Avalara CertCapture

A seriously upgraded way to manage tax documents in the cloud for tidy, audit-ready records. Syncs with AvaTax to automatically apply exemptions at checkout.

Avalara Returns

A filing service so seamless you’ll barely lift a finger as Avalara Returns pulls your data from AvaTax to prepare and file your returns. If you choose, we can even remit payments for you.

Beyond sales and use tax

Avalara offers solutions for more specialized tax situations
AvaTax Cross-border

Customs duties and import taxes can be difficult to wrangle. Don’t risk customs delays or unhappy customers: AvaTax Cross-border handles tax calculation for international sales to save you time and money.

AvaTax Excise

Get real-time identification and calculation of excise and value-based taxes for a broad range of transactions. AvaTax Excise is designed for both the energy and tobacco/vape industries.

AvaTax for Communications

AvaTax Communications connects directly to your billing or ERP systems to calculate taxes and fees specific to communications, streaming, or other services.


Avalara for Beverage Alcohol

Our suite of beverage alcohol solutions streamlines tax calculation, product licensing and registration, and returns for all stages of the beverage alcohol industry.

Lodging tax

Whether you’re managing a major hotel, running a bed-and-breakfast, or listing your place on Airbnb, you’re responsible for lodging taxes — and Avalara MyLodgeTax can help.

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