Avalara’s Managed Services team can handle your exempt certificate management operations on behalf of your organization. Our outsourced service enables you to focus on your core business, leading to better efficiencies, cost savings, compliance and a reduction in audit exposure.

Avalara stores and processes millions of exemption certificates annually. Our team of experts having a strong understanding of tax related issues and state validation rules have enabled hundreds of companies to satisfy audit requirements quickly and easily. Whether you are simplifying the certificate management process or going through a merger and acquisition, Avalara is the right partner for you. 

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Reporting and Analysis
Intuitive dashboards and reporting engines make it fast and easy to locate information for a particular customer, exposure zone, certificate or transaction.
Campaign Management
Our team leverages email, print, and fax communication channels for collecting new information for expired or invalid certificates.
Certificate Validation
Our experts are trained to identify missing or incorrect information, and ensure that invalid certificates are flagged for follow-up.
Certificate Acquisition
A streamlined certificate acquisition process that makes it easy for clients to submit their customer data and certificates for processing.