Avalara Sales Tax Suite

Fast, accurate end-to-end compliance that scales with your business

Add it up.

Complying with sales tax laws is a chore. The Avalara Sales Tax Suite has everything you need to stay compliant without the hassle.

Get organized

Say goodbye to expired and invalid exemption certificates: automated certificate validation, storage, and management makes tax-exempt sales easier than ever.

Lose the cabinet
Always up-to-date, cloud-based storage get rid of the file cabinet and never lose track of exemption certificates again.
Stay informed
Automatic reminders alert you to certificates close to expiration, and notify you when an exemption certificate has expired.
Save time
Send new customers email links to input new certificates and automatically remind current customers to update or correct certificate information.
Hello, taxman
Easy, instant access to exemption certificates makes audits easier and faster, while reducing your level of overall audit risk.
Easy data import
Scan exemption certificates quickly and easily with a scanner or mobile scan app; certificate data is interpreted and imported automatically.
Get it right
Instant validation of every certificate means you never have to worry about invalid certificates or numbers that don’t match up.
File With Confidence

Push-button returns mean crunch time is over file and remit with just a few clicks, whether you remit tax in just one state or all over the US.

File on time
Track filing dates and changes to forms or filing procedures in every state where you collect sales tax and never miss another deadline.
Maintain records
Store and manage current and previous returns in the cloud, enabling instant access from anywhere your business is located.
Payment made easy
Remit just one payment, and let Avalara divide it up between states. No more cutting separate checks for different jurisdictions.
Take a deeper look
Easy-to-understand reporting tools tie in to your existing ERP or ecommerce solution, so you can get the data you need with the software you understand.
Everywhere you grow

Always up-to-date, cloud-based sales tax automation software provides accuracy guarantee rates for all of the 12,000+ tax jurisdictions in the United States

Everywhere you grow

Always up-to-date, cloud-based sales tax automation software provides accuracy guarantee rates for all of the 12,000+ tax jurisdictions in the United States

Geographic precision
Advanced geolocation technology keeps rates accurate, even when the same ZIP code has several different sales tax districts and rates.
Stay informed
Every new taxability rule, rate change, and boundary shift is tracked by our industry-leading tax content experts and updated instantly in the cloud.
Seamless integration
Easy-to-use integrations work with the solutions you already know and trust, ensuring quick implementation and easier adoption.
Reliability you can trust
With 99.995% uptime and over 4 billion transactions annually, a solution that scales with your business, from the home office to the Fortune 500.
Sourcing done right
Automatic handling of complex sourcing rules, including destination- and origin-based sourcing as well as hybrid sourcing.
Our promise to you
Guaranteed accurate rates give you peace of mind and protection in the event of an audit, while easy reporting tools make audits faster than ever before.

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