Free tax services in 24 states

Get no-cost sales tax calculations, returns preparation, and filing in participating states when you partner with Avalara and qualify as an SST volunteer seller.

Lower costs, fewer risks with a certified service provider

As one of the few state-certified service providers (CSP) for Streamlined Sales Tax (SST), Avalara can help you register and apply for free sales tax services in nearly half of the U.S. As a CSP, we also provide greater audit protection, as SST states work directly with us if you're selected for an audit.

How it works

When you sign up for AvaTax, Avalara can work with you to determine if you qualify for the Streamlined Sales Tax program and help you register in SST-participating states. SST is an effort by state and local governments to simplify sales tax compliance for qualifying businesses. Participation in SST is voluntary for both businesses and states.

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Participating states

The following 24 states are active members of SST: Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Should I register right away?

The SST program makes more sense for some businesses than others, depending on sales volume in participating states — and other factors. Avalara can help you determine if it's right for you and assist with the registration process.

Why use Avalara


No-cost sales tax services
No-cost sales tax services

As a CSP, Avalara provides free sales tax calculations, preparation, and filing in all the states where you qualify as an SST volunteer seller.

Help with new sales tax nexus laws
Help with new sales tax nexus laws

Registering and filing in multiple states where you have new tax obligations is easier on your business when you partner with a CSP. Avalara can help you determine where you’ve triggered economic nexus and provide assistance with filing and registering in new states.

Easy SST registration
Easy SST registration

We’ll register your business with participating SST states at no cost. Previously registering to collect sales tax in a state doesn’t preclude you from taking advantage of SST in that state.

Unlimited tax calculations
Unlimited tax calculations

Avalara will apply SST-based rates and rules to applicable transactions to deliver real-time sales tax calculations to your shopping cart — at no cost in the states where you qualify as an SST volunteer seller.

Audit response
Audit response

Get Avalara’s help if you’re audited in the states where you qualify as an SST volunteer seller. We’ll work with state auditors on your behalf.

One of the few certified providers
One of the few certified providers

Most automated tax solutions are not state-certified service providers. Partnering with Avalara improves tax compliance and reduces costs.

Sales tax solutions for all businesses

Even if you don’t qualify as an SST volunteer seller in all states, you can still lessen the burden of sales tax compliance with affordable solutions from Avalara.

Calculate sales tax

Real-time sales tax calculations flow directly from a powerful tax engine to your shopping cart or invoicing system, all in a flash.

File sales tax

You'll barely lift a finger as Avalara tallies what you owe in the jurisdictions you designate, prepares and files your returns, and remits payments for you.

Manage tax compliance documents

Collect, store, and renew tax documents in the cloud. Our easy-to-use solution syncs with other tax software to apply exemptions at checkout.

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