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Simplified Sales Tax for Small Businesses

About Avalara AvaTax

  • Accurate, real-time tax calculations for more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions – guaranteed
  • Continually updated taxability rules, rates and boundaries for millions of products and services
  • Seamless integration with Avalara CertCapture to create and store sales tax exemption and reseller certificates

About Avalara Returns

  • Using calculations from Avalara AvaTax, automatically prepares and files your sales tax returns with payment on time – guaranteed
  • Retains proof of filing and payments for retention requirements and audit
  • Manages and responds to tax notices
  • Avalara files hundreds of thousands of tax returns each year on behalf of our customers.

Avalara works inside your billing application.

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With Avalara, you can import data from any ecommerce or accounting platform. Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about sales tax.

It's easy to get started.

Automating your sales tax saves time, money and effort.


Connect Avalara to your existing ecommerce or accounting software.


We calculate sales tax rates using advanced address-validation technology.

Return and File

Automatically remit to every city, county and state where you do business.


Payment reports keep the auditors at bay, and your business running smoothly.

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Our Guarantee

For as long as you are a customer of Avalara AvaTax, if you ever suffer a negative audit finding and financial loss related to an inaccurate result returned by the Avalara service, we will pay your uncollected tax, penalty and interest, or refund your prior 12 months' service fee, whichever is lower.

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