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Avalara VATlive offers a wealth of free, up-to-date country guidance and news on VAT and GST from Europe and around the world. It is provided by Avalara, whose SaaS-based VAT, GST and US Sales Tax software, registrations and returns services help businesses around the world reduce the risks and costs of their compliance.


Help getting a VAT or GST number

For companies importing or selling across European and global borders there may be an obligation to register for VAT or GST. The rules on whether a registration is required depends on many issues, including: local country legislation; type of transaction; starting point for goods; where the seller and customer are based; and registration thresholds. Avalara can provide free guidance on these rules in the EU and around the world, and help your company VAT or GST register if required.

Assistance preparing and filing VAT & GST returns

Once registered, companies are obliged to compile and submit periodic VAT or GST returns, Intrastat and ESLs.  This includes understanding the varying compliance issues, including local invoice disclosure requirements and foreign currency translation rules.  Following foreign country rules, and the continuously shifting requirements of the local tax authorities can leave companies distracted with heavy administrative obligations and exposed to potential fines.  Avalara can help.  Our single point-of-contact service for all countries frees you to focus on growing your business.


Reduce risks and costs through our VAT software

For businesses with complex international transactions, varying ERP environments feeding into multiple foreign VAT returns, automation may be the answer. Our range of VAT determination and VAT reporting tools are shown to significantly reduce the risks and costs of international VAT compliance.

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