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Avalara VAT Reporting content updates 05-05-2017

  • May 4, 2017 | Jason Moore

Avalara VAT Reporting content updates 05-05-2017

Italy: As from this release, we support the xml file of the new quarterly Italian return for taxable persons paying monthly.

Poland: We have added the possibility to correct late IC acquisitions. For example, report the payable VAT in a correction return of the relevant period and only deduct the VAT in the return in which you noticed that you forgot to include in a previous return.

Portugal: As from this release, all credit notes with VAT for country Portugal, will end up in error in order to confirm that the credit note has been accepted by the client.

Austria: Transaction ID 104 has been checked officially and does not require any reporting in the Austrian VAT return.

Lithuania: We made versions for 'simplified' and 'extended' intrastat reporting. Above a certain amount, there is an extra obligation to report the statistical value besides the other items to be reported for the simplified intrastat reporting.

United Kingdom: The MOSS registration form is now available electronically in txt format.

Romania: The VAT Return form has been corrected to store box 32 taxable basis and 32 VAT in the database.

Slovakia - The region fields RegionDispatch and RegionArrival are no longer mandatory, so we have updated the application to no longer error if they are left blank.

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