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Consumption Tax

Japan reduced Consumption Tax rate

Japan has confirmed that it still intends to raise its Consumption Tax from 8% to 10% on 1 April 2017. It will though introduce a reduced VAT rate on essentials to help soften the blow of the rise ...Continued

Japan recession threatens Consumption Tax rise

Japan’s lacklustre economy, currently at negative growth rate of 0.3%, means that the long-planned Consumption Tax rise to 10% may be postponed again. Whilst Japan has been obliged to schedule the ...Continued

Japan bitcoin a currency but still taxable

Japan’s government has recognized bitcoin as a private currency. The new categorization switches it from a simple asset to means of exchange of goods or services without any intrinsic value. ...Continued

Japan proposes 8% reduced Consumption Tax rate 2017

Japan is to hold Consumption Tax at 8% on foodstuffs, non-alcoholic drinks, books and other essentials when it raises the rate on all other goods and services to 10% in April 2017. The new rat...Continued

Japan shifts tax from corporates to consumers

The rebalancing of the Japanese tax burden from companies to consumers is now approximately at the halfway point of premier Abe’s plan. The rise in 2014 Consumption Tax rise from 5% to 8% m...Continued

Japan April 2017 for 10% Consumption Tax

The government has confirmed that Japanese Consumption Tax will rise from 8% to 10% on 1 April 2017. This latest date was announced in the 2015 Tax Plan. The rise had originally been schedu...Continued

Japanese Consumption Tax (VAT) rise to 10% delayed

Plans for a second rise in the Japanese Consumption Tax rate in October 2015, taking it to 10%, are to be put on hold.  The Prime Minister of the country, Shinzo Abe, has called a new election for a m...Continued

Japan considers reduced Consumption Tax rates ahead of 2015 hike to 10%

Ahead of the planned October 2015 rise in Japanese Consumption Tax to 10%, the Tax Commission has started consultations to introduce a reduced rate on certain products. The industry and consumer group...Continued

Japan update on taxing foreign services

Japan’s Ministry of Finance has added further commentary to the discussion proposals to levy Consumption Tax on services provide from abroad to Japan. The new commentary is based on feedback from i...Continued

Japan strong growth paves way for 2nd Consumption Tax rise

Following a sharp decline in economic performance following the Japanese Consumption Tax rise to 8% in April 2015, growth has returned to the country paving the way for the second rise. The 2nd sal...Continued