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Consumption Tax

Japan to target Amazon, Google and other non-resident B2C digital service providers

Plans to subject to Japanese Consumption Tax the provision of electronic and digital services to consumers by non-resident providers have progressed.  The Government Tax Commission last month discusse...Continued

Japan retail plummets inflation rockets on Consumption Tax rise

Japanese retail sales dropped 13.7% in April following the imposition of a Consumption Tax rise from 5% to 8% on 1 April 2014. And inflation hit a 23 year high with a 3% rise above the core rate measu...Continued

Japan’s planned consumption tax rise to 10% still a doubt

The second leg of the Japan’s Consumption Tax rise to 10% in 2015 remains conditional on the economy continuing its rebound the government confirmed this week. Consumption Tax increase in two stages ...Continued

Japan Consumption Tax doubling to 10% 2015 to be given fiscal stimulus

Japan has confirmed yesterday that it intends to double Japanese Consumption Tax from 5% to 10% in two stages: to 8% 1 April 2014; and then to 10% on 1 January 2015.  This is based on the latest growt...Continued

Japan Parliament passes 10% Consumption Tax

The Japanese Parliament has backed Prime Minister Noda by ratifying the proposed increase in Japanese Consumption Tax (VAT)  from 5% to 10%.  Read about the original two-stage proposal here.  However,...Continued

Japan reviews Consumption Tax VAT on ebooks

Japan has announced that it would like to start charging foreign sellers of ebooks over the internet with the local indirect tax, Consumption Tax.  The new charge would come into place in 2014.  The c...Continued

Japan raises consumption tax in two steps from 5% to 10%

The Japanese coalition government has put forward long awaited plans to raise Japanese consumption tax to 10% by April 2015.  There will be a first increase from the current 5% consumption tax rate to...Continued