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Italy marketplace reporting requirements go live

Italy has implemented its new anti-VAT fraud reporting requirements on marketplaces. This includes obliging online platforms to detail transactions they facilitate on behalf of third-party sellers. Th...Continued

Greece primes for VAT e-invoice 2020

The Greek Finance Ministry is to launch a pilot of its proposed e-invoice regime in the second quarter of 2019. The plan is to require real-time invoice clearing by VAT registered businesses for B2B a...Continued

Croatia cuts hospitality VAT to 13%

Croatia is to reduce its Value Added Tax rate on the hospitality sector from 25% to 13%. This will cover café, restaurant and hotel services, excluding alcohol. Hotel accommodation is already at the 1...Continued

Poland delays VAT split payments till Nov 2019

Poland has again postponed the implementation of the VAT split payments regime, this time until 1 November 2019. The measure had already been delayed from July to September earlier this year....Continued

Portugal delays approved VAT invoice software till 2020

Portugal has delayed the imposition on non-resident VAT registered companies to produce invoices on certified software. The plan had been to implement the new requirement from 1 July 2019. This has no...Continued

Czech Republic VAT generalised reverse charge EC approval

The Czech Republic has been given the greenlight from the EU’s European Commission to introduce the generalised reverse charge on all domestic transactions above €17,500. The measure, if approved by t...Continued

Denmark obliges payment providers to supply credit card data

The Danish tax authorities have been granted powers to request credit card payment data to help detect VAT fraud by online sellers. Payment providers issuing credit cards to Danish consumers will be o...Continued

Ireland Domestic and Intra-EU VAT registrations

Ireland has introduced from 17 June 2019 a two-tier domestic and international VAT registration regime, following the example of Spain, Germany and other EU states. The aim is to reduce the scope for ...Continued

UK HMRC acts on VAT fraud in renewable energy sector

HMRC has implemented anti-VAT fraud measure with immediate effect on the renewable energy sector. HMRC has said “The government has needed to act quickly in response to a serious and credible threat t...Continued

Czech e-book and catering VAT cut May 2020

Proposals to reduce the VAT rate on several goods and services, including e-books, have been approved by the Chamber of Deputies. The implementation date will be 1 May 2020....Continued