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France live VAT invoice reporting consultation

France has announced a public consultation on implementing a live invoice reporting regime for B2B and B2C transactions. This would model the success of the Italian SdI pre-approval invoice real-time ...Continued

Greece cuts restaurant and hotel VAT

The Greek government has proposed cutting VAT on a number of services. Food and drink services from the standard 23% rate to the reduced 13%. ...Continued

Belgium cuts e-book VAT to 6% Apr 2019

Belgium is the latest EU state to announce a reduction in its VAT rate on e-books, online journals and similar digital publications. Electronic books VAT has now been changed from the standard rate 21...Continued

Lithuania VAT rate cut to 18%

The Lithuanian parliament is considering a proposal to cut the standard VAT rate from 21% to 18%. It was last raised from 19% to 21% in September 2009 during the financial crisis....Continued

Austria VAT registration threshold rise

Austria is proposing to increase its VAT registration threshold from €30,000 to €35,000 per annum. The plan was introduced as part of a wide range of tax reliefs by the Federal Ministry of Finance on ...Continued

Italy new marketplace e-commerce VAT reporting

The Italian Revenue Agency has proposed deferring its recent marketplace deemed supplier VAT rules until 2021, when the rest of the EU will act in unison. However, it is instead planning on introduci...Continued

Italy attempts to avoid VAT hike

Italy’s government is attempting to reach a consensus on budget deficit reduction measures to avoid a scheduled increase in its VAT rate from 22% to 24.2% in January 2020....Continued

EU e-invoice update 2019

EU member states are accelerating their plans towards mandatory e-invoicing. Countries like Italy are moving ahead of EU B2G obligations, extending to B2G and B2G transactions. They are also combining...Continued

UK Brexit delayed till 31 Oct 2019

EU leaders have agreed to delay again the UK’s exit from the EU until 31 October 2019. The UK may leave earlier if its Parliament passes the draft Withdrawal Agreement negotiated with EU states last y...Continued

EU reconsiders Financial Services VAT exemption

The EU’s European Council and Commission have announced a review of the financial services industry’s exemption from VAT. This follows failure to agree on an EU-wide Financial Transaction Tax....Continued