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UK no-deal Brexit duty deferment

The UK’s HMRC has confirmed that in the case of a no-deal Brexit, it will not seek to collect import duties on imports from the EU until October 2019. Presently, a no-deal Brexit is scheduled for 12 A...Continued

Portugal delays compulsory e-invoices

Portugal has delayed the imposition of electronic invoices on all B2G transactions to 1 July 2019....Continued

German e-book VAT 7%

Germany has committed to introducing legislation to reduce the VAT rate on e-books, online journals and newspapers from 19% to 7%....Continued

UK Northern Ireland Brexit import VAT reporting

The UK’s HMRC has announced today a new quarterly import VAT declaration service to be launched in the event of a no-deal Brexit. The measure will help towards preventing any VAT checks at the Norther...Continued

Italy VAT filing deadline changes - Avalara

Italy has published delayed dates for upcoming Spesometro and Esterometro filings. ...Continued

Poland gets EU go ahead on VAT split payments

Poland has received approval from the EU to impose mandatory VAT split payments from 1 July 2019. The approval is temporary, lasting until February 2022....Continued

EU VAT and tax veto review

The European Commission (EC) has proposed switching from unanimous to majority voting on EU VAT and other tax policies. The aim is to progress fiscal reforms which face immovable opposition from just...Continued

UK MTD pilot open to VAT groups

HMRC has extended the Making Tax Digital for VAT pilot to members of VAT Groups. MTD will require over 1 million businesses above the £85,000 VAT registration threshold to record ...Continued

UK Brexit postponed accounting law for import VAT

The UK government has issued the statutory instrument to implement the no-deal Brexit postponed accounting deferred import VAT regime. The system was originally committed to in August 2018 in the case...Continued

Bulgaria deferred import VAT Jul 2019

Bulgaria is to introduce a deferred import VAT scheme on 1 July 2019. Details of the new regime were transposed into the Regulation for the Application of the VAT Act on 8 January 2019. ...Continued