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Bulgaria VAT update

Bulgaria has updated its VAT Act, including the following changes: New rules on apply VAT credits on partial use assets The VAT treatment of prepaid telephone cards is to be harmonised with re...Continued

OECD International VAT/GST Guidelines

The OECD VAT/GST Guidelines received further endorsement this week at the 4th OECD Global Forum on VAT. The guidelines provide a comprehensive framework of standards and principles for countries ar...Continued

Italy extends VAT split payments

Italy has been granted approval by the European Commission to continue the use of anti VAT fraud split payments regime with state organisations, and to extend the measures to state-owned companies and...Continued

Brexit – UK VAT and tax opportunities

Coverage of Brexit has been dominated by concerns around the potential negatives and uncertainties facing the UK economy as it prepares to leave the European Union.  This has been compounded in recent...Continued

Bulgaria VAT changes

The Bulgarian VAT Act has been updated from 21 March 2017 for several changes.  These include: The calculation for the proportion of input VAT suffered on business assets which may be deducted by...Continued

France VAT fiscal representative

France has updated the list of non-EU countries whose businesses are required to appoint a French fiscal representative if they are French VAT registered. Argentina has been added to the list – mea...Continued

Estonia raises VAT registration threshold

The European Union has given Estonia approval to increase its VAT registration threshold from €16,000 to €40,000 per annum.  This approval permits Estonia to deviate from articles 281 to 294 EU VAT Di...Continued

EU e-book VAT update

The Finance Ministers of the EU recently debated at ECOFIN the aligning of the VAT rates on e-books to the reduced VAT rates of their printed equivalent.  This follows a 2015 European Court of Justice...Continued

Italy new VAT reporting update

The Italian parliament has ratified two interim changes to the new 2017 VAT reporting regime.  Previously, Italian VAT registered companies generally paid monthly VAT due with an annual VAT return in ...Continued

Avalara support for Spanish SII VAT changes

On the 1st July 2017 the Spanish tax agency will introduce a new high frequency VAT reporting and management system based on the Immediate Supply of Information (Suministro Inmediato de Información de...Continued