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EU VAT general reverse charge delayed

The European Commission’s proposal for the voluntary introduction of the general reverse charge to combat VAT fraud has been put on pause.  The delay is due to legal concerns raised at this week’s ECO...Continued

Monaco VAT registration threshold rise

Monaco has increased its VAT registration threshold to €33,100 per annum with immediate effect. This only applies to resident companies....Continued

German call-off stock VAT registration

The German Federal Tax Court (BFH) has ruled that non-resident companies providing call-off stock in German will no longer have to VAT register.  The tax authorities have yet to comment or apply the c...Continued

EU general reverse charge update

EU member states have continued to debate the proposed introduction of an anti-VAT fraud general reverse charge mechanism.  This would enable countries to remove the cash-element of B2B domestic trans...Continued

UK anti-VAT fraud split payments on e-commerce

The UK’s Chancellor has announced in today’s budget a public consultation on introducing anti-VAT fraud spilt payments on B2C e-commerce. The mechanism would work by UK consumers automatically payi...Continued

UK raises VAT registration threshold

Today, the UK Chancellor announced in the Spring Budget that the annual VAT registration threshold will rise from £83,000 to £85,000.  The deregistration threshold will also be increased from £81,000 ...Continued

EU ECJ no to e-book reduced VAT

The European Court of Justice has today ruled (Case C-390/15) that e-books are not entitled to the same reduced EU VAT rates as printed books. The court held that having differing rates was not dis...Continued

Italy VAT filings update

Italy has updated the requirements for the new, 2017 filing obligations.  The new regime was designed to move from monthly payments and 1 annual return to quarterly returns and quarterly electronic in...Continued

Swiss VAT rate cut 2018

The temporary 8% Swiss VAT rate may be returned to the pre-2011 rate of 7.7%. The current, higher rate was voted on in a public referendum to fund certain public expenditure on the railway network....Continued

Italy VAT split payment

The Italian Finance Ministry has applied to the European Commission for the extension of the VAT split payment mechanism. Spilt payments, an anti-VAT fraud measure, requires the acquirer of designa...Continued