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Czech VAT update

There are to be a number of changes to the Czech VAT regime which will come into force on 1 April 2017.  These include: Introduction of the anti-VAT fraud domestic reverse charge in the construct...Continued

Ireland faces EU VAT rate questions

The European Commission has challenged Ireland’s extensive use of reduced VAT rates. In the EC’s latest economic and tax review of the country, it pointed to the low rates on hotels and tourism-rel...Continued

France raises VAT registration threshold

France has increased the annual VAT registration threshold to €33,200 from €32,600 per annum.  The new threshold applies from 1 January 2017. This applies only to resident companies.  Non-resident ...Continued

Belgium scraps quarterly prepayments

Belgium is to withdraw the obligation on quarterly VAT filers to pay prepayments on their VAT liability. Small businesses may at present opt to file only quarterly in Belgium as opposed to the regu...Continued

ECJ VIES not required on nil rating

The European Court of Justice has ruled that a customer is not required to have a VIES registered VAT number as a condition for a seller to zero-rate an intra-community supply. The ruling in Euro T...Continued

Italy VAT fraud measures

Italy has proposed a new round of anti-VAT fraud measures.  Italy has the largest VAT Gap – the difference between expected VAT collections and actuals – in the European Union.  It accounts for almost...Continued

Czech bitcoin VAT fraud measures

The Czech Republic has introduced a number of anti fraud measures on the trading of bitcoins. This includes making the buyer of goods or services with bitcoin liable to VAT due if their vendors fai...Continued

Italy VAT increase to 25.9% 2019

In the 2017 Budget law, Italy confirmed a number of potential VAT increases. These will only be applied if the country fails to met a range of budget targets, including meeting the Euro currency 3% fi...Continued

Denmark removes e-commerce VAT exemption on postage

From the 1 January 2017, Denmark removed the VAT exemption on postage costs for domestic e-commerce deliveries. The move has been critisied by the Confederation of Danish Industry as further disadv...Continued

Italy VAT guarantee threshold

Italy raises VAT refund guarantee threshold Italy has raised the VAT refund thresholds above which it requires a certified Italian audit or bank guarantee. The annual threshold is now €30k, up from...Continued