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Russian Federation

Russia 20% VAT on cryptocurrencies 2021

Russia is proposing to levy 20% on digital currencies in 2021 such as Bitcoin. Most other countries, including European Union, have opted not to subject virtual currencies to VAT and have classified t...Continued

Russia zero-rate ecommerce VAT for resident sellers

The Russian Parliament has proposed to zero-rate the sales of goods by Russian resident sellers to combat what is sees as unfair tax competition from abroad....Continued

Russia imposes export VAT

Russia is proposing imposing export VAT on a range of raw materials to raise additional revenues during the COVID-19 crisis. Exports in Russia, and most of the rest of the world, are generally VAT exe...Continued

Russia cuts e-book VAT rate to 10%

Russia has announced plans to reclassify electronic and audio books for education, cluture and science from the standard VAT rate of 20% to the reduced rate of 10%. The measure is aimed at supporting ...Continued

Russia VAT and coronavirus

Russia has implemented a range of tax easements to assist businesses during the COVID-19 epidemic....Continued

Russia VAT postponements on COVID-19

The Russian government has given assurances of tax payment reliefs for some "distressed sectors of the economy" during the coronavirus pandemic. It is still not clarified if this extends to Value Add...Continued

Russia VAT cut to 15% July 2020

A proposal has been submitted to the Russian parliament to cut the standard VAT rate from 20% to 15% on 1 July 2020....Continued

Russia divides VAT rate 2021

Russia is to divide its VAT revenues between the federal state and regions. Mirroring systems operated in Canada, Australia and many other countries. A proposal is now with parliament to split the exi...Continued