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UK freezes VAT registration threshold till 2022

The UK Chancellor today announced that the £85,000 annual VAT registration threshold will be frozen for a further two years. There is already a 2-year freeze in place until 2020. So this new extension...Continued

EU Parliament votes to cap VAT at 25%

The European Parliament has requested an amendment to Commission VAT reforms to include a maximum cap on the EU standard VAT rate of 25%. Currently there is no upper limit, but only Hungary, with a ra...Continued

Indonesia may impose marketplace tax number checks

Indonesia is considering requiring online marketplaces to validate the tax numbers (NPWP) of third party sellers operating on their e-commerce platforms. The government has been considering making the...Continued

Italy eases SdI live invoice deadlines

Italy has eased the reporting deadline for the roll out of B2B and B2C SdI real-time invoice reporting from 1 January 2019, and provided a soft landing period until 1 July 2019. The original requireme...Continued

Poland delays VAT cut to reform reduced rates

Poland’s Ministry of Finance has announced that it will recategorise many supplies to within the current reduced VAT rate category. However, this will mean Poland will not go ahead with the return of ...Continued

Oman 5% VAT September 2019

Oman government representatives have said that the state is looking to implement a 5% VAT regime from 1 September 2019. In 2017, it signed the Gulf Cooperation Council VAT Framework Agreement. This in...Continued

Moldova cuts hotel VAT

Moldova has proposed recategorising the VAT rate on hotel and restaurant services from the standard 20% rate to the reduced rate of 10%. The new rate will apply form October 2018. Tourism tax subsidy...Continued

Singapore raises GST to 9% by 2025

In today’s Singapore 2018 budget, it was announced that Goods and Services Tax (GST) will increase from 7% to 9% between 2021 and 2025. GST has been at 7% since July 2007, when it was raised from 5%. ...Continued

Ghana to raise VAT to 17%

Ghana has proposed a Value Added Tax rate increase of 2% to 17%. The rate was last increased from 12.5% to the current 15% in  January 2014. Last year, the government introduced a 3% flat rate for ...Continued

India GST e-way bill launch deferred

India has postponed its mandatory e-way bill implementation, and extended the trail process due to technical issues associated with the huge volume of submissions at the 1 February launch. E-way bi...Continued