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Changes to Italy's filing frequency

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  • 3 July 2017 | Jason Moore

Changes to Italy's filing frequency

Law Decree 193, which was passed by the Italian Government back in October 2016, is now fully in effect. Under the Decree, the filing frequency of the transactional report in Italy, which replaces the former Spesometro, has been changed from annually to quarterly (bi-annually for 2017). Below is a summary of the 2017 changes.

Quarterly listing of sales and purchase invoices

  • Quarterly return bi-annual only for Q1+Q2 2017.  Then quarterly for rest of the year.
  • 1st quarterly VAT return delayed till 12 June
  • Deadline for invoices dated in first half of 2017 will be 16th September, 2017 and invoices dated in the second half will be 28th February, 2018.
  • Deadline from 2018 will be the same as the VAT return deadline (see below)
  • Penalties will range from €2 per undeclared invoice up to a limit of €1,000

Changes to other filings

  • VAT returns are due on a quarterly basis rather than annually. Deadlines are:
    Quarter VAT return due date
    Q1 31st May
    Q2 16th September
    Q3 30th November
    Q4 28th or 29th February
  • VAT payments will still be due monthly on 16th of the month following the taxable period
  • Annual Spesometro report is abolished
  • Intrastat acquisition reporting will not be required from 2018
  • Blacklist has been abolished
  • Annual return for leasing companies has been abolished
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