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What’s in store at the Transactional Indirect Tax Summit 2017?

  • Sep 19, 2017 | Avalara

What’s in store at the Transactional Indirect Tax Summit 2017?

As the world of business has become increasingly global, the number of transactions processed across both borders and continents has experienced growth of its own on a similarly drastic scale.

This growth, however, is not without its challenges. Cross-border tax poses significant challenges for businesses looking to expand internationally, leaving business leaders locked in an ongoing struggle with complex legal and regulatory issues, whilst also attempting to navigate the dos and don’ts of compliance.

Now businesses can look no further than the Transactional Indirect Tax Summit in London, on October 3rd.

With the majority of countries operating under different VAT regimes, and a multitude of different conditions, working through these frameworks can be a particularly daunting task. The UK’s vote to leave the European Union, and the current Brexit negotiations that are taking place as the UK agrees the terms of its exit, means uncertainty continues to hang over any future Customs Union agreement.

What’s more, HMRC’s Making Tax Digital initiative that is on course for implementation in 2019 also leaves various questions unanswered, despite the simplicity it will provide to the tax system in the long term.

The summit - hosted by Avalara - will present businesses of all shapes and sizes with the opportunity to iron-out any confusion or concerns incurred by this ever-changing tax landscape. With a host of VAT compliance experts gathered in one central London location, including multinationals such as ASOS and KPMG, as well as Avalara’s own subject matter experts, businesses can get the inside line; receive practical advice; and, acquire the critical information to avoid compliance pitfalls and steer clear of regulatory wrongdoing.

The summit will also feature talks and seminars from a number of Avalara team, including the following:

  • Richard Asquith, VP of Global Indirect Tax, who will be discussing the international VAT landscape; the development of new VAT regimes; and, the impact of the changing face of the UK’s relationship with the European Union and beyond.
  • And, Kid Misso, Senior Director of Solution Consulting who will speak about the digital tax revolution, in light of the announcement of the planned Making Tax Digital initiative, as well as providing an overview of the next steps businesses can take to fall into line with these new requirements.

There will also be a number of other talks from key business leaders, including the following:

  • Andy Hewitt, Head of Tax at ASOS, who will be examining the challenges of taxing e-commerce from a retail perspective, with a particular focus on managing multiple tax regimes through one e-commerce site.
  • Phillippe Norré, Head of Indirect Tax, Tax Reporting Strategy & Technology for Bahrain and Qatar at KPMG, who will be providing an overview of the incoming introduction of VAT in the GCC states, which will be effective from 1st January 2018, as well as giving a comprehensive analysis of the VAT landscape, at both domestic and international levels.

Throughout the day Avalara will also be hosting interactive workshops on VAT and sales automation solutions, providing business leaders and tax and finance professionals with hands-on guidance. The key outcomes from these sessions will focus on how precious time and money can be saved, as well as ensuring that tax compliance standards are fully met.

The time has come for businesses leaders to grab the opportunities presented by the ever-changing cross-border indirect tax environments, and at the Transactional Indirect Tax Summit in London on October 3rd, they can find out precisely how.

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