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BILLIONS of sales tax transactions processed.

MILLIONS of exemption certificates managed.

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of sales tax returns filed.

BILLIONS of dollars in taxes remitted.

100+ countries around the world.


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Case Study
David Yurman Corp.
600 employees
“We started out managing sales tax manually. But we weren’t equipped to keep up to date with changing…”
Case Study
200 employees
“We recently went through a number of tax audits in states for the period before we worked with Avalara and…”
Case Study
4000 employees
“For me, it was pretty seamless. It was a little bit over 30 days for us to get everything up and running.…”
Case Study
Life Is Good
25 employees
“We knew we couldn’t be tax experts in every state. We needed a company to provide that expertise.”

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“That’s where specialists, such as Avalara, that relieve small businesses of ancillary tasks can serve as an accelerant.”
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