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Filing and remitting sales tax returns and payments is a time-consuming, budget-draining, and error prone activity. Avalara Returns helps ensure end-to-end automation of your sales tax compliance process. With the help of pre-loaded calendars you can easily manage your remittance schedule, automating the entire filing process.

Forget having to track jurisdictional requirements for filing and timely remittance. Returns ensures the right amount is remitted to the right taxing authority at the right time, dramatically shrinking the time your company spends on sales tax return processing.

Using a cloud-based service like Avalara Returns means that it scales with your business, and our subscription-based pricing means you only pay for what you need. Download the Avalara Returns product datasheet.


Notice Management

Avalara Returns takes care of managing and responding to tax notices. No more manual tracking of notices and timely turnaround of information is ensured.

Records Retention Compliance

Comply with government records retention requirements. Digital archiving and storage enables easy access to current and previous years’ information.

Reduced Penalty & Interest Exposure

Avalara Returns manages sales tax notices and responds quickly with the requested information. By filing on-time, every time, you reduce the risk of late or inaccurate payments.

Automated Scalable Filing

Avalara Returns automatically provides e-file, hard-copy, Streamlined Sales Tax and excise tax returns for businesses of all sizes.

Single Source of Payment

Simplify your accounting process and treasury management with a single ACH transfer to a secured account to cover all of your sales tax liability.

Stress-Free Returns Processing

Avalara Returns imports your transaction and tax data, prepares all forms and submits them, along with payments to each taxing authority.

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