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Avalara is fundamentally transforming an essential business process that’s been around for as long as civilization itself. And you could be part of it.
Automating sales tax for everyday businesses is a radical idea with momentous implications. Bringing that concept to life is what we do every day at Avalara. Using a unique mix of brains, expertise, passion, and technology, we are taking on the mysterious, archaic, and unbelievably complex process of calculating, collecting, reporting, filing and remitting sales tax.

From development to finance, sales to support, IT to marketing, our teams work together to deliver end-to-end compliance solutions with a simple mantra: provide a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage transactional taxes. If working for a well-respected, fun, industry-leading company sounds appealing to you, take some time to check us out. Avalara is changing the world of business, solving serious problems most people don’t even know exist. And we’re looking for smart, creative people to help us do it.

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Life at Avalara

Avalarians wear orange. We’re optimistic. Curious. Adaptable. We are intensely committed to making the difficult simple for our customers – which is really hard, but really rewarding. Some say we’re a little quirky, but that’s a good thing, right? We welcome and value unique people and insights, and we believe our winning culture sets us apart. We recognize, cherish, and hire to that conviction every day.

Through the years we’ve identified a few key traits that are common among our most successful employees. Ranging from passion and urgency to ownership, fun, and optimism, these traits form the basis for our culture and we hold them in highest esteem. In the end, it’s a simple proposition: At Avalara we are not only very good at what we do, we are also proud of how we get things done.

We’re proud of our Seattle roots and have been recognized as one of the best places to work in Washington. Of course, we’ve grown far beyond the Pacific Northwest, with offices in Irvine, Denver, Durham, Houston, Rocklin, and Green Bay, not to mention Brighton, England, Pune, India, and São Paulo, Brazil. Each location is unique, but the heart of our culture is everywhere.

Traits for success at Avalara

Through the years, we have found the following characteristics to be common among our most successful employees. They form the basis for our winning culture and we value them highly.

Of course we can” We are corporately allergic to “it can’t be done.” Great accomplishments never arise from small thinking, so maintaining a positive attitude is vital to success at Avalara.

Care. Really care.” We live and breathe to take our business to the top and are tormented by an insatiable hunger for success.

“Ride the wave of change.” We accept change as our only constant. There is no instruction manual for our business. We are fast, agile, and aware; willing to turn when circumstances shift.

“Presence, not pretense” We never assume we have all the answers. We know we can improve and embrace all opportunities to learn – from others, and from our own mistakes. Job descriptions are only starting points. There is no task beneath anyone.

“Work hard, play hard” At Avalara, we are serious about fun. We know how to work hard, but joy is also key ingredient to success. High expectations and high performance are not sustainable in a stilted environment, so we encourage a fun, friendly atmosphere.

“G-in’ the JD (Getting the job done).” Success is our duty, obligation and responsibility. We don’t make excuses, and we never say “it’s not my job.” We insist on accountability, in ourselves and our colleagues.

“Seek knowledge. Insist on understanding.” We ask “why?” every day and don’t stop until we understand. We benchmark ourselves against the best and constantly seek ways to improve.

“Life is short. Make a difference NOW.” Speed matters in our business. We thrive on pressure and recognize that our time is now. We value a mentality of aggressive action as well as persistence until success is achieved.

“Understand, systematize, automate.” We know we are in the simplicity business and refuse to pass the burden of complexity to our customers – internal or external.