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Legislation View All

Ecommerce and Sales Tax Legislation

Learn how sales tax legislation affects online retailers, and what it means for your customers.

Sales Tax Nexus

Do you know whether you need to collect sales tax in a particular state? Determining where you have nexus is a good start. Learn how to…

Accurate Rates View All

Sales Tax Rates: ZIP Codes Vs Geolocation

A frightening number of businesses use free sales tax calculators and ZIP codes to get sales tax rates for customer addresses. Learn why…

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Sales Tax vs. Use Tax

An easy-to-understand history of sales tax and the use tax, part of the Sales Tax Management Thought Leadership Series brought to you by Avalara.

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Sales tax automation - the time is now.

Avalara explains sales tax automation: the right way to stay compliant with local and state governments.

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The Sales Tax Tickler

Manual activities like uploading rate tables, finding rates on DOR sites, and submitting returns to multiple jurisdictions can put a growing…

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Why Avalara CertCapture?

Why choose Avalara CertCapture as your sales tax automation tool? Hear from our customers why they think Avalara's products are superior.

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Why do businesses get audited?

Tips for understanding why some businesses get audited and what they can do to avoid sales tax collection penalties.