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5 ways growing companies get tripped up by sales tax
Tuesday, November 19

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Introducing our Sales Tax Automation 101 series. The first installment covers the basics of sales tax automation: what it is and how it can help your business.

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Sales tax changes

Discover why 2019 is a big year for sales tax

Depending on what you sell and where you sell it, your business will likely see some big changes this year. Here's a newly updated mid-year report to help you prepare for the major sales tax changes taking effect across the United States this year.

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What is sales tax?

Consumers pay sales tax on top of, and at a certain percentage of, the sales price of the taxable goods and services they buy.

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Sellers calculate sales tax and collect it  from customers based on sourcing. Does your state use destination-based, origin-based, or a hybrid?

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States and other localities can collect sales tax and their definitions of remote sales and what establishes nexus can vary.

Map view of nexus laws


Read answers to frequently asked questions and see proven steps to getting sales tax right. 

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Free Avalara sales tax tools
Download free rate tables

Get our sales tax rate tables for every ZIP code in the U.S. Choose by state, or select them all.

Learn where to file

Find state-by-state details on how to determine nexus for your business, whether you have a physical storefront, sell online, or both.

Tax rate lookup tool

Need to figure out a tax rate for just one location?

Get sales tax filing guides by state

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