How to overcome the 4 common challenges of managing sales tax returns

Tax pros reveal actionable tips to help you optimize your sales tax returns process

While sales tax rate calculation and collection are among the first steps to tax compliance, that’s hardly where it ends. You must also remit payments to the proper taxing jurisdiction, which can be just as complex and time consuming.

Between reconciling tax amounts across your systems, and juggling multiple deadlines and forms for each state, managing sales tax returns can be arduous. If you want to become more autonomous and efficient when filing your sales tax returns, check out this webinar on how to tackle the 4 common tax returns challenges businesses face.  

You’ll learn:

  • The latest trends in sales tax legislation and the impact on returns
  • Ways to use tools you already have so you never miss a filing deadline
  • Tips to reduce the time and resources spent managing sales tax returns
  • Why companies are choosing automation to offload the burden manually filing returns
  • When automation makes the most sense for businesses