Solutions for manufacturers and distributors

Optimize your supply chain and bring order to the turbulence of tax compliance with a suite of solutions.

There’s never been a better time for automation

The changing landscape of regulations combined with the shift toward new markets and ecommerce further complicate an already complicated matter: sales and use tax compliance. Get automated tax tools and other tax services to streamline your compliance.

Avalara AvaTax

Rapidly calculates sales tax on goods and services for your rapidly growing direct-to-consumer sales, with calculations automatically delivered to your shopping cart or invoicing system at the time of purchase.

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Fueling growth

As you expand into new markets or distribution channels, you may find your sales and use tax responsibilities expand. AvaTax tracks and manages rates and rules for 12,000+ U.S. sales tax jurisdictions.

Multiplatform compatibility

AvaTax has 600+ prebuilt integrations into ERP, ecommerce, and other business systems, plus an advanced API. Plug it into all the places where you need sales and use tax calculations.

Easy reporting

With AvaTax connected across your sales and invoicing platforms, all your tax data is in one place, making it easy to reconcile and report, or handle an audit.

Avalara Returns

Adopt a more efficient approach to returns preparation, filing, and remittance. We’ll handle your returns according to a filing calendar you manage online.

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Multijurisdictional ease

We pull your data from AvaTax and fill out all your U.S. sales and use tax returns so it’s a breeze to file. Just review and approve your returns with the click of a button.

Trackable filing records

Need to review a past return? Auditor paying a visit? No problem. Just log in to your Avalara account to see all your prepared returns and tax notifications in one place.

Only one payment to make

Sending multiple checks to various tax jurisdictions every month or quarter is busy work you can do without. Instead, just make a single transfer to Avalara each filing cycle, and we’ll distribute your payments.

Avalara CertCapture

The only compliance document management system you need to easily collect, validate, store, and renew exemption certificates and reseller forms — it all happens in the cloud, securely.

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Stay organized

Keeping all your compliance documents together in one place is a smart move. You can even give auditors remote, read-only access to your exemption certificates and other nontaxable sales documentation.

Put multiple checks in place

Not only does CertCapture confirm the validity of exempt sales certificates when customers submit their information in store or online, it can also send automated renewal requests for soon-to-expire documents.

Integrated exemptions

CertCapture connects to AvaTax and other tax software so valid exemptions are applied seamlessly during checkout, time and time again.

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