AvaTax for BigCommerce

Congratulations, BigCommerce merchants: Avalara AvaTax usage through your BigCommerce store is free! Set up your AvaTax account in the BigCommerce control panel to automate your sales tax transactions. Whether you're in one state or many, manually tracking rate, rule, and boundary changes doesn't make sense and ongoing updates at the state and federal levels make compliance incredibly difficult.

Let Avalara handle the heavy lifting for you. It's easy to get started. Just activate your new account in the BigCommerce control panel.

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Get up and running with your new AvaTax account

The Avalara Guarantee

We believe in providing a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage your taxes. If you are not fully satisfied after 60 days, we will provide a refund for your purchase.

For as long as you are a customer of Avalara AvaTax, if you ever suffer a negative audit finding and financial loss related to an inaccurate result returned by the Avalara service, we will pay your uncollected tax, penalty and interest, or refund your prior 12 months' service fee, whichever is lower.

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AvaTax for BigCommerce: FAQ

Yes! AvaTax usage through your BigCommerce store is free. Additional Avalara products and AvaTax through other Avalara integrations are available for purchase.

BigCommerce has created a guide to help you get set up quickly. Read the guide here.

You must enable this option:

  • In the BigCommerce control panel, go to Store Setup > Tax > Tax Options.

  • Make sure that you enable Document Submission (slide setting on so the circle turns blue).

Usually this is caused by the jurisdiction not being selected in AvaTax. Log in to AvaTax and select Settings > Manage where you collect and remit tax. There you can select the country, state, and local jurisdictions where you’re obligated to collect and remit.

  • The origin or destination address isn’t valid on the invoice. You can confirm by validating the address on the United States Postal Service website.

  • You didn’t configure an origin address in your BigCommerce account. To do this in the BigCommerce control panel, go to Store Setup > Shipping and enter a shipping origin address. Learn more.

  • There’s a connection/communication issue. Please check status.bigcommerce.com to confirm whether this is the case.

  • You haven’t completed the AvaTax setup process in your BigCommerce control panel. Learn more.

  • You’re not using the updated BigCommerce interface. To confirm and switch to the new interface, contact BigCommerce support.

  • You inadvertently enabled Sandbox mode while connecting with a live account in your BigCommerce control panel. If you’re unable to find or change this setting, please contact BigCommerce support.


  • Confirm you’ve completed the steps to activate your AvaTax account. Learn more.

  • Confirm you’re using the correct AvaTax account number, license key, and company code in your BigCommerce tax settings.

  • For additional assistance, please reach out to BigCommerce support.

  • Customer exemptions: Please provide an entity use code on your invoice (see the list here under Tax Exempt Category Codes).

  • Product exemptions: Use our System Tax Codes or you may use NT (non-taxable).

  • Service exemptions: Use our System Tax Codes.


  • Committed documents are sent to your AvaTax account. This information will show up on reports and will be included in your returns remittance if Avalara is filing your tax returns. Learn more about automating your returns filing.

  • Uncommitted documents from BigCommerce will not show up in AvaTax.

To make sure documents are submitted from your BigCommerce account to AvaTax:

  • Make sure that you enable Document Submission (slide setting on so the circle turns blue).

All invoices flow into AvaTax, but tax is only calculated for jurisdictions you select in AvaTax settings. All other jurisdictions will show a zero-tax calculation. You can use AvaTax reports to filter your transactions to view only transactions where tax was calculated. Learn more.

  • You can find the information on the initial email you received from Avalara that included your account credentials, with subject line “Your AvaTax login information.”

  • You can see your account number (ID) by logging into AvaTax > Settings.

Yes, you can! Click here for the import template, format, and instructions. We also have a recorded webinar that will guide you through the process.

In the AvaTax dashboard, click Settings and scroll down to the Manage Users link. After clicking Add user, you’ll have an option to choose whether the user is an Administrator (for users who will manage tax settings and approve sales tax returns) or the user requires Read-only access (for users to view reports, but not change settings).