Use automation to help manage consumer use tax across your business

Self-assess your consumer use tax liability without relying on complicated spreadsheets or expensive custom solutions.

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Benefits of automation for consumer use tax

Catch vendor errors early

Consumer use tax issues often occur when vendors don’t collect sales tax on taxable items or charge the wrong tax rate. Manually verifying every incoming invoice can be impossible, but Avalara automatically checks each one according to jurisdiction rates and rules.

Stay focused on the right tasks

Unburden your finance team and reduce human error with automation. Avalara uses built-in tax rates and user-defined rules to help determine consumer use tax across multiple locations and in complex transactions.

Improve cash flow

Avalara helps identify overbilled tax on purchases to keep you from overpaying. It also makes it easier to assess and pay consumer use tax owed, so you can avoid the fines and fees for underpaying.

Create a central source of data

Use a single database of consumer use tax information to maintain a clean audit trail of your self-assessment decisions. You can also import data from multiple transaction sources to run reports like liability or expense analysis.

How Avalara helps manage consumer use tax

Create user-defined, configurable rules

Implement automated or semi-automated processes

Confirm consumer use tax for trusted vendors or automatically calculate the use tax owed when the sales tax paid is zero

Increase the level of automation as your business grows

Support centralized purchasing

Verify tax rates based on where equipment is purchased and where it’s used

Calculate consumer use tax owed to multiple locations with multiple tax rates

Integrate with other solutions

Avalara products are designed to work seamlessly with each other

Avalara has over 1,200 signed partner integrations

Our robust API allows you to further customize Avalara to your specific technology and business need

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Connect with Avalara

Learn how Avalara can help you manage consumer use tax.

Connect with Avalara

Learn how Avalara can help you manage consumer use tax.