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This calculator returns sales tax rates based on geolocation, which is more accurate than rates based on ZIP codes, states or counties alone. Simply enter the address below and the calculator will perform a real-time lookup and return the appropriate sales tax rate.

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How to use this sales tax calculator

To determine the correct sales tax with the calculator above, enter your full address, city, and state. The calculator will find the exact geolocation of that address, pinpoint the tax jurisdictions in which it resides and determine the corresponding sales tax rate.

How sales tax is calculated

You might think calculating sales tax is simple - just take the price of a taxable product or service and multiply it by the sales tax rate. If only it were that simple. Consider the following questions: What is the correct tax rate? Who pays the sales tax? Is the product or service even taxable? It turns out the manner in which sales tax is calculated goes way beyond the numbers.

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NOTE: If you are trying to calculate how much sales tax should be charged on a purchase, you can enter in the amount into the Calculate tax amount after you have entered the address and the tax rate has been determined.

Why our sales tax calculator doesn't ask for a ZIP code

The purpose of zip codes is to help the US Postal Service with the delivery of mail. ZIP code boundaries can change, can be subsets of other zip codes, and often overlap. This makes them the wrong tool to use for determining sales tax rates in the United States.

Basing sales tax rates on a ZIP code risks applying not only an incorrect sales tax rate but remitting it to the incorrect jurisdiction. This can increase your company’s risk of audit and associated penalties, fines, and fees.

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Get real-time, automated sales tax rate lookups with Avatax

For businesses, finding and calculating sales tax rates is only a small step toward sales tax compliance. In most cases, it is necessary to prepare and file returns to each jurisdiction for which sales tax is collected. This process can be time consuming if done manually. However, you can save hours by automating your tax rate lookup process with tools from Avalara that work with your eCommerce, POS, or ERP system.

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