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Why can't I just use the ZIP code?

There are often multiple tax rates per ZIP code, county, and city. Therefore, more accurate rates are determined based on street address.

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What do these rates mean?

  • The combined tax rate is the total sales tax of the jurisdiction for the address you submitted.
  • The jurisdiction breakdown shows the different tax rates that make up the combined rate.
  • While most taxable products are subject to the combined tax rate, some items are taxed differently at the state and local levels, so be sure to apply the correct taxes to your sale.

These are the current rates for the date and time you submitted the address, but may change at any time with new tax legislation.

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How to use this sales tax rate

  • First, determine who's responsible to collect and remit the sales tax amount. 

  • Then, determine if your product or service is taxable in the responsible party’s jurisdictions.

  • Finally, implement the rate shown above to your product or service’s value.

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The Avalara Tax Changes 2023 report is now available.
Read about 2023 trends, global economic impacts, e-invoicing, and more.


The Avalara Tax Changes 2023 report is now available.
Read about 2023 trends, global economic impacts, e-invoicing, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

There are many ways to establish sales tax nexus — the connection between a business and state that creates a sales tax collection requirement — and no two state sales tax laws are exactly alike.

Determining which laws apply to your business is hard, but it’s a crucial step toward compliance. For more information, please refer to our seller's guide to nexus laws and sales tax collection requirements.

How to calculate sales tax: When you enter a street address, the calculator's rate lookup tool uses geolocation to pinpoint the exact tax jurisdiction. Then it determined the corresponding current sales tax rate by accessing AvaTax, our innovative, cloud-based sales tax calculation software product.

This level of accuracy is important when determining sales tax rates. In some locations, rates for two adjacent addresses can be different. Relying on a city or ZIP code is not the most reliable way to calculate sales tax rates.

At a glance, calculating sales tax seems simple: Take the price of a taxable product or service and multiply it by the sales tax rate. With sales tax, though, it’s almost never that easy. The real trick is figuring out what needs to be taxed and then calculating the correct tax rate — which, depending on how your business operates, could mean learning the rules in any number of the more than 12,000 tax jurisdictions across the United States.

Want to learn more? Check out this article for more information on how to correctly determine sales tax.

Though sales tax rates are typically set at the state level, some states authorize county, city, or local taxing districts to set their own rates and rules. With so many jurisdictions generating rates, rules, and boundaries, figuring out your sales tax rate is best accomplished with a street address rather than a city name, a street name, or a ZIP code.

Use our free sales tax calculator above to return a sales tax rate specific to any US street address.

ZIP codes were created to help the U.S. Postal Service with the delivery of mail and are independent of any state revenue systems. The boundaries can change and often don’t line up with tax rate jurisdictions. This makes them the wrong tool to use for determining sales tax rates in the United States.

By basing sales tax on ZIP codes, you risk applying the wrong rates and remitting tax to the incorrect jurisdiction. Both of these errors increase your company’s risk of audit penalties, fines, and fees.

Avalara AvaTax is an automated sales tax solution that works with your ecommerce, POS, or ERP system to calculate rates in real time. If you're working with a developer, they can take advantage of the Avatax API to build sales tax rate determination into your application.

Connect with Avalara for more accurate rates to help you do tax compliance right

Connect with Avalara for more accurate rates to help you do tax compliance right