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Tax technology solutions for transparent tax administration

Help automate returns and reduce complex tax audits for your constituents and remote sellers, domestically and internationally.

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Look up rates and rules

Get secure access to state-supported GIS data sources and apply rates for the appropriate sales tax jurisdictions based on customer address or geographic coordinates.

Streamline tax administration

Help the businesses in your jurisdiction achieve and maintain compliance, including filing returns and remitting taxes on time.

View the entire international selling process

Leverage advanced analytics capabilities to analyze large volumes of data, generate detailed reports, and identify potential pricing risks and inconsistencies.

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Allocate internal resources more effectively while reducing underpayments and saving time ​and costs associated with ​complex audits​.

Avalara solutions

Tax research

Avalara Tax Research is a user-friendly, self-serve tax management tool

Establish better communications between government regulators and entities by providing a unified, consistent portal for information pertaining to boundaries, rates, rule changes, and traceability.

Automatically translate addresses into boundary information and source rates from statutory regulation, local ordinances, and more.

Keep a trail of ordinances, rules, taxability information, and records of all transactions and proposed changes to create an online library of historical information. 

Access information through a user-friendly portal to search, compare, and understand rates and rules, giving finance and tax professionals peace of mind.

DAVO by Avalara 

Separate merchants’ sales tax from purchase prices to help ensure prompt, more accurate remittance to the authorities

Set aside daily sales tax funds automatically using the business’s existing POS system.

Automate returns for small, at risk, and delinquent businesses. 

Reallocate audit and collections resources to increase return on investment.

Self-serve tariff code classification

Use an AI-enabled tool to quickly, easily, and accurately determine customs commodity codes

Generate mandatory six-digit or 10-digit tariff codes​ for government officials and commercial traders.

Facilitate low risk trade, help ensure declaratory data quality requirements are met, and minimize border delays.

Automatically monitor commodity reporting to support compliance, reduce duty revenue losses, and flag regulatory violations.​

Gain peace of mind: Avalara is trusted by the United States Census Bureau as a Schedule B Search Engine expert.

Here’s what our customers have to say

“Avalara makes it easy for our state to keep track of historical changes and allow us to provide businesses with real-time access to tax rates with address-level accuracy.” 

—Laci Haymart
Manager, Missouri Department of Revenue

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Connect with Avalara

See how our solutions can support you in making tax compliance easier.

Connect with Avalara

See how our solutions can support you in making tax compliance easier.