Communications tax

Simplify and streamline communications tax calculation, returns, and remittance to help remain compliant in an increasingly challenging industry.

The industry is changing fast, and so are taxes. We can help.

Communications tax now reaches far beyond traditional telecom and cable, to VoIP services, streaming content, and the Internet of Things. Avalara understands the nuances and can help you cut through the red tape to do tax compliance right.


Avalara AvaTax for Communications

Delivers tax calculations on a broad array of communications transactions by directly connecting to your current billing or ERP system, or to an in-house build via API.

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Complexity simplified

Handles intricate calculations, including tax on tax, tiering, all-inclusive, and bundled services.

Monthly rate and rule updates

Our calculation system includes a constantly expanding range of communications products and tax types across thousands of jurisdictions.

Tailor it

Gain even greater precision and efficiency with additional tools for hyperlocal calculations, customizable reports, and more.

Avalara Returns for Communications

Transaction tax returns preparation, filing, and remittance paired with a centralized online portal for easy tax compliance management with a high degree of transparency.

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We do the heavy lifting

Seasoned professionals handle the time-consuming work of preparing and filing your returns, plus some state regulatory reporting. We can also manage your remittance.

Your compliance dream team

A dedicated group of transaction tax compliance and treasury experts manages your account.

24/7 secure file access

View your filed returns and completed reports at anytime during your Returns subscription — just log in to the compliance portal.

Hear from our customers

“Avalara has been incredibly responsive to our needs as a mobile virtual network operator. They came highly recommended for their expert knowledge of communications, and we too now recommend them based on our experience over the past several years.”

Michael Goldstein, Vice President

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