Avalara Leadership

Executive Team

Liz Armbruester
EVP, Customer and Compliance Operations

Allison Carroll
SVP, Customer Success

Greg Chapman
SVP Head of European Operations

Kimberly Deobald
EVP and Chief Revenue Officer

Ee Lyn Khoo
EVP and Chief People Officer

Danny Fields
EVP and Chief Technology Officer

Jayme Fishman
EVP and General Manager, Indirect Tax

Zach Fountain
General Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Tim Gaylor
EVP and Chief Security Officer

Denis Gulsen
SVP, Engineering

Marshal Kushniruk
EVP, Strategy

Marcus Larner
SVP, Engineering

Janice Le
SVP, Product Management - Solutions

Jay Lee
EVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Scott McFarlane
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Sanjay Parthasarathy
EVP and Chief Product Officer

Alesia Pinney
EVP and Chief Legal Officer

Paul Sanford
SVP, Product Management

Greg Stivers
SVP, Sales

Ross Tennenbaum
EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Niranjan Vijayaragavan
SVP, Product Management, Platforms

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