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Boost efficiency, increase accuracy, and streamline operations with automated item classification from Avalara.

The right system for you and your clients

Clients rely on you to get their products out into the world, literally. Now you can help grow their business, and expand your own, with a faster, better, easier way to manage cross-border compliance.

Item Classification

Avalara Item Classification makes it easier for companies to sell (and ship) anywhere in the world, thanks to a process that automatically identifies and applies Harmonized System codes (HS codes).
Increases your efficiency
Increases your efficiency

Get products to your clients’ customers faster, while freeing your employees from the headache of figuring out HS codes and classifying items manually.

Improve your accuracy
Improve your accuracy

Have more confidence in your HS codes, thanks to an automated solution and powerful tax engine that’s updated frequently.

Lower your risk
Lower your risk

Reduce the possibility of unnecessary delays caused by products being held up in customs.

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Fast, easy item classification? It's possible with machine learning and automation

As consumers purchase more goods online, international shipments are only going to keep growing. Automation is the only way to keep up with the volume, while meeting the demands of customers for swift delivery of products.

Turn less into more by automating HS code classification

Increase efficiency and accuracy. Automating HS code classification can mean less frustration, less busy work, and less confusion, which means fewer errors. 

Avoid the hell of hiring...with automated HS code classification

Finding someone with a specialized skill set such as determining and applying accurate Harmonized System (HS) codes can be challenging and expensive. Automation to the rescue.

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