The state of global cross-border ecommerce 2023/24

Video: State of global cross-border ecommerce

During the webinar, our experts discuss:

  • Key industry trends and emerging issues
  • Cross-border analysis and results from across Europe and North America
  • The risks of failing to deliver on customer promises and the importance of Delivery Duty Paid (DDP)
  • Recommendations for cross-border success in 2023/24

About the speakers

Evan Wright

Senior Director, Cross-Border, Avalara

Evan’s expertise lies in empowering companies with a global compliance footprint by focusing on equipping organisations with the necessary tools to expand and scale their operations in the cross-border ecommerce landscape. He excels in guiding businesses through the complexities of international trade, providing valuable insights and practical solutions.

Nicole Morton

Cross-Border Solutions Manager, Avalara

Nicole has over 10 years of cross-border ecommerce experience at companies including DHL and Aramex supporting customers to expand their businesses internationally

Paddy Le Count

Head of Supply Chain, Reuters Events

Paddy has spent the last six years working at Reuters Events, specialising in the supply chain and logistics industry, connecting experts via conferences and events, and curating in-depth global research projects and content for executives.